Crypto Resources

September 28, 2021

4 min read

This is the list of resources I wish I had to start off with. I'm only including what I genuinely found valuable. I'll routinely update this list.

First, let’s get excited about crypto!

Crypto & Blockchain Fundamentals

These five resources combined together will give you a solid understanding of blockchain fundamentals. I'd recommend this order:


  • Crypto Startup School — Episodes 1, 2, & 4 were the best ones in my opinion. You don’t need to listen to the other ones (depending on what your goals are).

  • Ethereum Whitepaper — This explains both Bitcoin & Ethereum well. Felt a bit more technical, but the parts I did understand were definitely useful.

  • Coinbase Learn — Good list of introductory resources to tons of topics. Caution: Don’t get caught up in reading everything like I did. Dive into specific topics and use this as an initial jumping off point. Reading everything at once wastes time.

  • How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood — Another good overview of Bitcoin & the blockchain.

  • Proof of Stake (vs proof of work) — Good video describing the difference between proof of stake & proof of work.


I’m still learning Solidity, so this will be updated soon. But for now here’s what I used:

  • Buildspace — Great community & course to learn the fundamentals of Solidity. Gives you a good base to figure out what you don’t know (but it’s your responsibility to learn the concepts in-depth yourself).

Interesting One-Off Conversations

Don't use these for actual learning. These are meant to be good passive conversations (listening to while driving, etc).


  • DAOs As University Replacements — What an amazing essay. Helped me generate so many ideas & provided insight on creating effective DAOs, credentialing, and the future of education.

  • DAMN — New concept around DAOs for media. I bought in & joined the DAMN. Very interested to see how it plays out.


Podcasts & Newsletters

  • Bankless — Great podcast to listen to for everything crypto related.

  • Proof — Gives you tons of exposure to the NFT world.

  • Modern Finance — More general overview/exposure to the crypto world.

Favorite People in this Space

These barely scratch the surface of all the great people in crypto. I'll add more soon, but these were the ones that immediately came to mind.