Hi, I'm Amaan

I'm a self-taught developer who loves solving problems and teaching myself new skills. I previously built an app to learn new skills & accomplish goals through self-experimentation.

I'm currently interning at On Deck, a company that is building a better alternative to higher education.

If you want to see what I'm up to right now, check it out here. If you want a cleaner timeline of what I've done, here's my CV.

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Curiosity & Learning — If I became a billionaire today and never needed to earn another dime, I would spend the majority of my life learning new skills (at least for now). There's so much to learn with each hobby and profession, and each little world has its own group of people to connect with. Curiosity is by far the most important trait you should develop.

Ambition — The possibilities of experiences to have and problems to solve are endless. I know the general advice is that it's good to focus on a few main goals, but while I'm in my 20s I want to do everything. I'm going to accomplish as much as I can in the short time I'm here — meet everyone, travel everywhere, and learn everything — or die trying.

Improvement — While no one will reach perfection, striving to grow is vital. We're all given one life, so you might as well max it out and be as badass as you possibly can. We all start with potential, but I'm going to turn mine into reality.


Self-ExperimentingTim Ferriss was the biggest influence for me between 16-19. His journey of breaking skills down to learn more skills made life seem 10x more exciting. He inspired me to break down everything into my own little experiments — to test, analyze my results, and iterate. 

Nutrition — Ever since I was a kid, I would ask my mom what the nutritional value was for everything. When I knew why something was beneficial for me, it was more appealing to eat. That's carried with me to this day, just in more depth.

Medicine & SciencePeter Attia is currently the most influential person in my life — he's by far the coolest, nerdiest, and smartest doctor I've discovered. His passion for medicine and longevity is contagious, and my interest in medicine spiked by learning through his podcast.

Programming — Given that this is the most in-depth skill I've learned so far, programming has to make this list. This skill gives you a superpower — you can turn any idea you have into a real, working product. Software can significantly impact lives and create massive wealth. If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.

Product-Related Skills

Code — React // React Native // GraphQL // Javascript // HTML // CSS // Sass

No Code — Webflow // Notion // Zapier // Airtable // Figma

Get In Touch

If you ever want to chat, hit me up. You can email me at hello @ amaan.com or DM me on Twitter.

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by Amaan