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I worked on a ton of different projects within the AAP. Some are hard to show, but it taught me how to learn fast & execute quickly. A few things I worked on aren't shown below (like organizing & analyzing subscriber data in Excel).

This isn't directly related to the AAP, however, I'm grouping all Shaan-related projects here. This site was fun to design & I'm happy with how it turned out. I included the before & after, but if you want to see the live site, go to

I used Airtable to build this email feedback form. We added it to each email — it helped us receive & review feedback. I also built this Aircompiler to save me time by adding prefilled links to each word (shown in the tutorial below).

TLDR — After 25 emails from the AAP, Shaan decided to write up & assemble this pdf to share to his audience. We spent ~6 hours designing & assembling it in Figma.

TLDR — Previously, Ben was using an automatically generated ConvertKit archive, but it didn't look good. I built this archive with a simple & clean UI to better read the All Access emails.

TLDR — This was the first project I ever did for Ben, and it was how we started working together frequently. As an experiment, he wanted to share his conversations with Shaan about the AAP. So, I quickly built this to share their daily conversations.

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