Chamath for Ca

TLDR — After Rohun tweeted out an idea to build a site for Chamath to run as governor, I quickly built this out. We sent it to Chamath who then tweeted it out. It generated a ton of hype (we got to call him the next day). The page also got over 300k page visits & 18k+ sign ups.

All Access Pass

TLDRShaan PuriBen Levy started this project to share their process for building businesses publicly. I started helping Ben directly with various projects, which you can check out (click the title).


TLDR — The reason I taught myself to code was to build this app. Inspired by Tim Ferriss, I wanted to build an app that would help me learn skills & achieve my goals faster through self-experimentation. This app achieved that goal.

Note Organizer

TLDR — I'm a bit of an obsessive (but messy) notetaker. I built this React app to format text to my needs.

Disclaimer: Optimized for desktop. It also has an extremely narrow use case, so it might not be intuitive to use.


TLDR — This small app solves a direct (albeit esoteric) need of mine. I built an Airtable email feedback form, but combining the links with each word was getting repetitive. I built this to save time. If you want to replicate the form itself, use this tutorial.


TLDR — I wanted to join a stealth startup, so I built this site as my application.

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