Chamath for Ca

TLDR — After Rohun tweeted out an idea to build a site for Chamath to run as governor, I quickly built this out. We sent it to Chamath who then tweeted it out. It generated a ton of hype (we got to call him the next day). The page also got over 300k page visits & 18k+ sign ups.

All Access Pass

TLDRShaan PuriBen Levy started this project to share their process for building businesses publicly. I started helping Ben directly with various projects, which you can check out (click the title).


TLDR — The reason I taught myself to code was to build this app. Inspired by Tim Ferriss, I wanted to build an app that would help me learn skills & achieve my goals faster through self-experimentation. This app achieved that goal.

Note Organizer

TLDR — I'm a bit of an obsessive (but messy) notetaker. I built this React app to format text to my needs.

Disclaimer: Optimized for desktop. It also has an extremely narrow use case, so it might not be intuitive to use.


TLDR — This small app solves a direct (albeit esoteric) need of mine. I built an Airtable email feedback form, but combining the links with each word was getting repetitive. I built this to save time. If you want to replicate the form itself, use this tutorial.


TLDR — I wanted to join a stealth startup, so I built this site as my application.


TLDR — Fun weekend project to offset my binging of David Dobrik vlogs. This only allows you to watch three random vlogs per day, that way, you can't continue to binge. Optimized for desktop.

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