Day 5 — Gamify Your Goals



December 2020

This isn’t a new idea, but it’s something I haven’t actively tried until now. Turning your goals into levels is similar to breaking your big goals into small, achievable steps. The difference lies in the framing. Viewing your goals as a game feels more fun, making them easier to accomplish.

I wrote my levels down today but found it quite difficult. The idea was to break my big goal into ten levels, but I struggled to find a linear path to get there. It took me three tries before I got some semblance of a direction, so don’t worry if you can’t get it on the first try.

Use sticky notes and put them in an easily visible place. Mine stares right at me whenever I sit at my desk. Each sticky note should have one “level” with five core parts:

1. What level is it? Organize them in ascending order (1, 2, … 10)

2. What’s the mission you need to accomplish to level up? Each one should be a different task.

DRiP formula

3. Deadline. When do you want to complete it by/?

4. Reward. What do you get if you level up? The harder the level, the greater the reward.

5. Punishment. What happens if you don’t achieve it? Try making these frustrating while still being good for you. One of mine is 100 squats.

Turn your goals into games. What level will you reach?

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by Amaan