Day 29 — How to Learn (Part 1)



December 2020

I was thinking about how education will change in the future, but given that it’s a much larger concept to write about, I want to break down & discuss two parts of the learning process that some education startups are already replicating.

People can learn efficiently in five ways: projects, community, apprenticeships, traveling, & teaching. I’ll discuss the first two today as I view these as easily accessible.

Building projects is one of the easiest ways to learn quickly. When you take immediate action rather than passively listening to lectures, you learn faster since you immediately know what you don’t know. Want to learn to code? Find a project you want to build and start writing the basic HTML structure. As you progress, you can identify what you need to learn. “Oh, I need a button to do X & Y, let me learn how to implement this in Javascript.”. For many skills, the easiest way to make rapid progress is to act immediately.

The second most important feature of learning quickly is joining (or starting) a community related to the skill you want to improve.  These communities provide support, knowledge, and accountability for when you need it most. For example, the writing challenge I joined forced me to stay accountable & helped solidify my writing habit. Plus, the feedback you receive is invaluable.

Projects alone are powerful, but you can sometimes feel isolated. Peer feedback & communities will steepen your learning curve so that you learn at a much faster rate.

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by Amaan