Day 26 — Switch Logs



December 2020

There’s a piece of advice I took from Rahul Vohra, the CEO of Superhuman, which I found valuable. He mentioned how he uses a switch log to track where his time goes.

Enter every task you do throughout the day into a Slack channel. That way, you can identify where you are spending your time. I’ve found three benefits to this.

The first is that you will be more conscious of when you get distracted. Each time you check Twitter or Instagram, you know you’ll have to enter it into the switch log. So it helps you avoid those easy distractions throughout the day and forces you to carve out time for dedicated breaks.

The second benefit is that once you analyze what tasks you’re doing throughout the day, you’ll feel more accomplished. Sometimes days pass by, and I don’t know what I even did. I did something, yet I didn’t feel like I made progress. This process helps you review what you actually accomplished.

Finally, you can start to change what you do by identifying whether or not you’re allocating time to the goals you say you want to achieve. Want to improve writing? Well, how much time are you spending on it? By using a switch log, you can evaluate where you spend your time & start carving out sections of your day for the activities you say you want to accomplish.

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by Amaan