Day 24 — Time Billionaires



December 2020

We all know what a dollar billionaire is — someone with an absurdly large amount of money. A time billionaire is someone who has an absurdly large amount of time on their hands. This concept originates from an interview with Tim Ferriss and Graham Duncan, and it has been instigating some discussion on Twitter. Graham puts it into perspective like this — one million seconds is about 11 days, while one billion seconds is 31 years.

So the average 20-year-old has about 2 billion seconds to spend. And most people wouldn’t trade any amount of money to lose ten years of their life — it’s priceless. Yet we have to balance both currencies because, during our youth, we strive for money. We take time for granted, so we spend that currency to earn another, which feels more important. I still grapple with this concept because even with 2 billion seconds on my hands, I still feel rushed/behind. However, I think putting this into a different perspective can solve this. On a long enough time scale, you can make a massive impact with what you achieve.

It comes down to intentionality. Choosing what you spend your time on is critical to taking advantage of being a time billionaire. Without intentionality, days, weeks, and months will pass by.

Spending one hour each day, working on a project or learning a new skill, will pay huge dividends in one year. You are allocating 365 hours to one project, and this adds up quickly. It just doesn’t feel like it on a small scale. Be intentional.

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by Amaan