Day 23 — Quitting Before You Start



December 2020

There are some opportunities we talk ourselves out of before we even attempt them. More often than not, the reasons behind this are unjustified.

Part of this may stem from imposter syndrome — the feeling that you aren’t skilled enough to be doing what you’re doing. Another reason may be tied to a fear of failure — if you want to avoid rejection, why would you try at all?

One solution that helps is having someone who can call you out on your bulls**t. The best thing you can do is to question, challenge, and push yourself further.

Another solution is to self-reflect — why are you feeling inadequate? Where do you feel weakest, and can you do anything to overcome that?

Take advantage of the opportunities presented in front of you and be proactive. Waiting for a response or quitting beforehand is much easier than taking action. It pushes the responsibility off of you. However, you’ll miss out on phenomenal opportunities if you don’t act on them.

Mixing courage with a bias to action is a perfect combo. When you can overcome that feeling of imposter syndrome and take more responsibility for your decisions, you will reap more rewards.

What’s the worst that can happen? Someone rejecting you? Reframe it as a practice where your goal is to get as many “no’s” as possible. View each rejection as a win. Rejection can be discouraging, but with enough time, you will get used to it.

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by Amaan