Day 22 — Permissionless Apprentice



December 2020

Creating opportunities out of thin air means being proactive about what you do. Rather than sitting back and waiting for an answer, take action so they can’t say no.

This is something I need to instill into my head because even when I think I’m proactive, I can do better. Standing out with creativity is great, but not enough. Providing tangible value is the real goldmine.

A permissionless apprentice doesn’t wait for a response to an application. They provide enough value that they can’t say no. They take action & help before being asked. It’s tough because usually you aren’t given enough information. This is also why it’s so important.

Sometimes you can do this by providing feedback and riffing on ideas. It’s a great way to start a conversation and gather more useful information. This is how I developed my first real relationship with a mentor and friend — I pitched an idea which turned into a conversation. He then asked for help & I solved it immediately. It slowly turned into a real relationship, but it all started with that initial conversation.

Don’t offer help and then execute. Execute a solution and offer it on a silver platter. Is it more work? Yes. Is it worth it? Not even a question.

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by Amaan