Day 18 — High Leverage Skills



December 2020

There are endless skills to learn, so finding the ones that give you the highest leverage will help you prioritize what to focus on. Naval Ravikant’s top five recommendations are a great starting point — reading, writing, arithmetic, persuasion, and programming.

These skills give you a strong foundation that can be applied anywhere. On top of that, these will help you learn almost anything else.

Reading — helps you more easily learn new concepts & skills. Reading speed & comprehension are both critical.

Writing — allows you to think clearer. You can better organize and convey your thoughts with good writing.

Persuasion — is essential for good communication. More generally, speaking well helps you interact with others in many different scenarios.

Arithmetic — is vital because it helps you think quickly on your feet. It also helps with finance, which is necessary for independence.

Programming — is such a useful skill because it forces you to think methodically. You adopt a scientific approach to breaking down problems so that you can solve them better. Plus, it gives you the confidence to solve a variety of problems (with enough time).

Design is an honorable mention. It enhances your creativity & completes the trifecta of building products — programming & design to build, writing to sell.

These are foundational skills. With them, you can learn faster & more easily navigate the world.

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by Amaan