Day 12 — Move On Motivation



December 2020

There are many reasons to discourage yourself from taking action. Whether it’s applying to a job, dming someone new, or starting a project, you can always find a reason why it’s a bad idea. I find this happens less frequently when you’re in a state of high energy and optimism. So when you get a burst of motivation where your confidence and energy go through the roof, capitalize on it.

A small example is that whenever I listen to a podcast with an amazing guest, I want to email them. If I wait too long, I’ll slowly lose that energy and convince myself it’s not worth pursuing. Other times I’ll act on that motivation and send them an email. You can guess which one I get a response from.

What I’ve realized is that when I act on those motivation spikes, I get much more done in one hour than I can in three normal hours. But they may come at inopportune times, like at night, so it’s not something to rely on daily.

However, I find that it’s important to capitalize on these when they do happen because it builds initial momentum, which is key to accomplishing your goals. Acting on motivation is an easy way to jumpstart your progress.

The longer you wait to act, the less likely you’ll be to follow through. This is why perfectionism is bad — it’s an excuse to hide your work. Move on motivation, when your optimism is high.

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by Amaan