Day 11 — The Principles Playbook



December 2020

Why are frameworks useful? I find them useful because they give you solutions to problems you haven’t solved before. They build from experience, so over time, you can create a giant web of frameworks to pull from, allowing you to solve problems faster.

Another benefit is that you can avoid making mistakes twice. You’re an outlier if you can do this. Given that we’re human, it’s easy to not learn from our mistakes — which is why bad habits exist. If we only made mistakes once, we'd be on entirely different trajectories.

Some things are difficult to improve instantaneously. Skills like public speaking take practice to build confidence. The goal should be to learn a new lesson after each rep so that you make new mistakes.

A principles playbook is a journal of solutions to problems you’ve experienced. Some mistakes can happen once, like choosing a bad investment. Others can be repeatable, like breaking a bad habit.

The idea is to analyze each mistake — ones that happen once and repeatedly — to learn a new lesson every time. It tightens the feedback loop to improve and gives you instructions you can default to when similar problems arise.

The best part is that you can adapt and change these principles when new information comes to light, thus always refining your playbook.

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by Amaan